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Panda + SD + Web


Gus suggested that I post a new thread about my experiments with a web server for the Panda. I didn’t want to until there was something new to show.
So you can guess that since this is here I have reach a milestone in my project. I have complete enough of the work that someone could actually build a web page on an sd card and have their Panda, and I guess Domino display the web page in a browser.
I also posted a brief article on Fezzer with the source code.
No video cuz I am just not that creative.

Whoops I forgot to put a pointer in to my fezzer thingy:
I think I got the link right this time.


sweet :clap:


Wait, that’s a link to MY fezzer thingy :wink:

I think that URL shows projects for the logged on user. I don’t see a way to see a specific user’s contributioins

Very slick work, btw!


sweet :clap:


Nice and simple ;D


Since I don’t have the schematic for the FEZ SD card adapter I was not able to figure out what MODE and PEN are used for. My guess is that PEN is power enable, but what is MODE for?


MODE has nothing to do with SD. It is used to select USB vs serial debugging interface


I just added a new class library for my webserve, mimeType. I had an if elseif else tree for determining the content-type of the http response, which was limited in my original post. When I look into it further, I found that this was going to be unwielding very quickly. So I created a new class which uses a private class derived from IDictionary, to facilitate a quicker way to locate extention names and the associated content-type.
I posted the new class to Fezzer. Let me know what you think.