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Panda RTC


Hi all,

Just wondering if the panda (not the panda II) has a real-time clock.

If not, what would you recommend using?




No it doesn’t have RTC, FEZ Panda II does.

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look here:


there’s another thread here asking about the same thing - the chip is capable of having an RTC added but requires direct soldering to the chip pads - not a simple task and not for the faint hearted but achievable. I haven’t done so (yet - I’m still a chicken :slight_smile: )


You’d have to solder a crystal directly to the chip pads, as well as a VBAT connection for power to the RTC. Certainly not for amateurs.


Also there are a lot of errata on how to use VBat pin. Check that if you want a reliable battery backed RTC.


Thanks all.

I’ll look into the ds1307.