PANDA - making the MAC address stick

Is there anyway with the new SDK,, to store a MAC and IP address on the device permanently. I have a Domino and 2 Pandas and would like to be able to move my projects around without having to re-do the MAC and IP address for each target?

You will need to add any little EEPROM over I2C, SPI or I2C to store any information you like

No you dont there is 16 bytes available to store data, you can only do this once though, have a look at the ConfigurationData class,
ps I dont have the exact class name anyone???


btw I asked this question on a previous thread, search for mac address, I think this should be covered in the docs somewhere, shurely everybody and his uncle will want to store some permanant data for each board, mac address, node id, etc etc

@ Peter thanks for the reply, I guess I should have been a little more explicit in my original query. I had seen the earlier discussion about PermanentUserKey, but was looking for something a little less final. The EEPROM solution appears to be what I need. I had hoped that possibly GHI had implemented EEPROM emulation so I would not have to add hardware.
PermanentUserKey is definitely the right answer for a comercial or deployed product, but hobby or development is a little too volatile to use the write only once in its life time feature.
But thanks for the pointer it may help someone a bit more adventurous than I or someone who is about to deploy a product.

no problem, yes it is permanant, interesting enough I wonder why this is? is this a feature of the chip, I will need to dig out the pdf and have a look,
btw there is also battery backed memory, but you would need to supply a battery or a big cap maybe