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Panda & LCD Shield change digital io pins


I am a newbie, but thought that changing which digital io pins interface to the lcd should not matter. I built a cable to connect the lcd shield to the panda. Instead of Digital io pins D4 through D10 I am using Digital io pins IO60 through IO54. I changed the OutputPort’s to specify the new CPU.Pins, but the lcd does not work. I am able to turn the backlight on and off. Help please!

D4 on the shield connects to IO60 on the panda
D5 on the shield connects to IO59 on the panda
D6 on the shield connects to IO58 on the panda
D7 on the shield connects to IO57 on the panda
D8 on the shield connects to IO56 on the panda
D9 on the shield connects to IO55 on the panda
D10 on the shield connects to IO54 on the panda


Which LCD shield? There are more than one. I assume you’re talking about the LCD+Keypad shield but it could be the UEXT graphical one (that uses SPI and you need to use SPI ports, not general ports).

Assuming the LCD + keypad shield then you can change most pins; you can’t change the analog in button port, but the digital pins should be fine.

I hate to say it, but it seems like your cable might be at fault. Trace the lines to make sure you’ve connected them as you expect (d4-d7, RS and E).


It’s a 16x2 red shield.

I tested each wire by using it to trigger an interrupt on D7. So I was sure it was not the cable, but I build new cables and tested again and it worked. I guess my soldering must have been the culprit. I really appreaciate the assuance that it must be the cable. I though that maybe on of the hardware pins I was using was labeled wrong on not working properly.