Panda III Serial Debugging (switching from usb to serial for mfdeploy)

I am trying to switch from USB to Serial debugging so I can use the CDC Device class on the usb port in my production model.

FT232RL breakout, hooked up to COM1 on the Panda (D0,D1). I wrote some very simple test code from the Panda, and it worked as expected (to verify the connection was solid).

I then tied MOD to GND and then restarted the Panda. I opened MFDeploy and selected the correct COM port. I then ping the device and it returns “NotConnnected”.

Am I doing everything right?

Thanks in advance

if you left your serial port app on the device, then you’re probably tripping over an issue where your app and the debug port conflict. Make sure you deploy a generic blinky app and then do your process again. As far as I recall, you’ve done what I think is right… just make sure you re-power the device once you’ve connected MOD, a simple RESET may not be sufficient

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Ended up being the FTDI drivers…

Windows 10 machine, rolling FTDI back to 2.08.24 fixes the problem.


Thanks for the reply Brett

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