Panda II USB Host Cable

I am going to modify the cable shown in the picture for use with my Panda II with USB Host. I’ve read the wiki on how to modify the Panda II, but I just want to make sure I’m doing it right. I’ll split the cable open, short D+ wire and D- to wire to ground wire with 15k ohm resistors, then jump the 5V wire to the 5V header on the Panda II. Correct?

That should be correct. But also note that you need to pull the MODE pin low with a resistor and the COM1 input pin should be pulled low with a resistor when the debug interface is not connected. If the COM1 pin is left floating it will work sometimes and other times fail.

Thanks for the tip!

2 questions about USB host on panda :

1 )I can’t find the schematics explaining how to build it .
It was previously on :
but the page does no longer exists.

  1. When using USB host feature, we should switch debug inteface from USB to COM1.
    Does it mean that we can’t use COM1 as a normal com port while using USB host?

I ask because I need 4 serial links + writing on a USB pen for my application.


When using serial for debugging them you can’t use it in your application.

Thanks, Gus !
So there is no way to get 4 serial links + USB host in an application?
Even if I do not want to debug?