Panda II Trouble installing as virtual COM Win 7

Good Day,

I’ve searched the forum and site, but I’m afraid it left me more confused.

I have successfully configured my Panda II to use serial debugging by grounding MOD and implementing COM1.

However, when I loaded the tutorial code for “CDC - Virtual Serial,” Windows 7 could not load a driver for the Panda USB CDC device, and did not give me an opportunity to browse for one.

If I try to re-run the code from Visual C# 2010 debugger, I hear the USB add/remove sound, but get no dialog.

Can anyone help me to get WIn 7 to recognize the device? Where is the plain vanilla CDC USB driver? I do not need the one that allows dual usb debug/cdc client.



Update: Now I see it in device mgr as “CDC VCOM” with an explanation point.

Where do I find the correct driver for it???



IIRC, details on using CDC and a link to drivers were all in the GHI library reference.

Found it there - thanks! I had been searching everywhere else!

It works :slight_smile: