Panda II Segway

Check out a few pics of the Panda II based Segway I’m building. I’d say I’m about 70% done.

It uses a Panda II and a 6 DOF IMU. I created a “shield” to hold the IMU, a serial bluetooth dongle, input for a steering potentiomenter, outputs for two motor controllers, and a serial port for control commands (start, stop settings etc.).

Most of the coding is done. Just need to tune the PID controller parameters, strap everything down, then build a handle and platform. I eventually may use a Hydra or Spider to run a display for speed, battery power etc. So far the Panda seems able to handle all of the IMU floating point math and constant streaming of system state data. I’m trying to get it done before the spring so I can take it around town as soon as the weather is better.


We are very much interested. Video? Code?

Very cool project! Looking forward to read more and to see the video.

I have two motors from Razor scooters that I want to turn into a Segway clone.

Very nice. That looks like some serious hardware!

I’m planning on releasing the code and anything else anybody wants once it’s done.
I’ll have some video pretty soon too. I’d just like to get it to balance alot better.
The tuning of the PID controller has basically been trial and error so we’ll see how long that takes.

It definitely is but its all stuff I bought online.

Very cool look forward to the end result :slight_smile:

PID tuning seems to be a dark art as i am finding out with my balance robot…

Agreed. I see the serious folks use a secondary signal to plot out the parameters on a PC and make more educated guesses than me :frowning:

Cool project. :slight_smile: