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PANDA II SD card interface IO46 and IO43


I am looking at the SD card connections on the schematic and comparing them to the manual for the PANDA II and I am wondering about the SD card connection labeled “CDN” and the power enable signal SD_PEN that is not connected to anything I can find.

Where should I look for the information to understand this?



CDN is card detect negative.
PEN is power enable, which is optional and not used.

By the way, you are located very close to GHI in case you didn’t know.

Welcome to the community.


Hello Gus,

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. The information is very helpful.

I noticed that your company is not far from here. Perhaps if you are in the area you could drop by and see what we are doing. We are currently working on some very cool racing simulators.



Sure will come visit. Do I get to go on a test drive? :wink:


I watched the videos again. Super cool work.


Hello Gus,

Just let me know when you might come by. Unfortunately the simulators are out on the road most of the time or either under construction or maintenance when they are in the shop, so you have to come just before we ship out to the next show.

I am looking into using GHI boards for a number of applications. I really like your products and the tools available for development and prototyping.



Heck Gus, I’d be getting the next maintenance schedule lined up and block out a couple of days to go wait and do the “official” test drive for that ! :slight_smile: