Panda II + rainbowduino Christmas Tree Star

My little contribution to the Christmas Tree lights. Using the Rainbowduino driver published a few days ago on the code site :

Merry Christmas to you all !
Joyeux noël à tous ! :smiley:

And special thanks to all the GHI team that are proviging us with all the tools we need to have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just telling my wife and kids earlier today that a project I’m planning for next Christmas is doing an LED star to hang outside above our nativity scene.

Thanks for additional inspiration! :slight_smile:

Love it!!! Happy holidays!

Awesome! Merry Christmas!

That is cool. Very colorful.

@ Nicolas3 We here at GHI are always happy to provide you and every one else all the most wonderful toys we can.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all. :slight_smile:

Merry xmas to everyone helped us in making these products happen, that is you community :slight_smile:

GHI will be at dave and busters on Wednesday getting drunk and playing video games. Anyone like to join? If you can come, just have a beer for us. If we shipped you hydra instead of spider on Thursday then you now know why :wink:

Was the party good ? Need aspirin tablets this morning ?

It is still going! ;D

It does seem like the usual Gus-isms are not showing up… he’s normally at it bright and early :slight_smile:

@ ransomhall

I think Gus and crew might be a little preoccupied with opening their present(s):


Yeah we are having too much fun! Even the FedEx guy (who is always in hurry) has to hangout around our new “spaceship”!

Lol! Did FedEx guy asked if you guys are hiring?

Cool 8)

Joyeux Noël