Panda II Max UDP Message Size

I am hitting a hard limit of 1,472 bytes for any UDP receive messages on my Fez Panda II.
If I try to send a 1,473 byte UDP message to the Panda, nothing happens. No exception is generated in the C# debugger.

Is this a hardware limitation? I have a 2,048 static byte receive buffer allocated ok in RAM to store the UDP message, but I can’t fill it.

Any suggestions??

Panda do not have a built in TCP/IP stack, but uses wiznet chipset. Not sure what limitation the chipset has, beside 4 sockets max, but if you need a real network connection then you can use one of the boards with built in TCP/IP.

Note that the wiznet chip is accessed over SPI so you can actually access the chip directly and program it anyway you see fit to your needs.

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I am actually currently using the WIZnet 5100 via SPI.

I use the “ReceiveFrom” method from GHIElectronics.NETMF.Net.Sockets.Socket to fill my byte buffer.
But the MCU silently fails to receive more than 1,472 bytes from a single UDP message as I mentioned before.

1472 seems to be a magic number. F.e. c++ - What is the optimal size of a UDP packet for maximum throughput? - Stack Overflow and search for 1472

From Wikipedia:

It’s actually a limit of:
65,535 bytes (8 byte header + 65,527 bytes of data)

I would be satisfied with 2kb payload limit though, if it’s possible…

Is anyone familiar with setting the “Don’t Fragment” UDP flag on the PC end?

I could try doing that on the PC UDP transmitter end, but “Don’t Fragment” isn’t part of the standard SocketFlags enumeration.
Just something I saw mentioned @ WouterH 's page link.