Panda II dead?

I’ve a Panda II that seems broken.

When I connect it to usb, the led goes on, but my PC seems not detecting it. USBizi updater doesn’t ping it, and VS doesn’t report it available as USB target, and it seems not reported as device from Win.
The software that the board was run before this problem seems not started (it may report some data to Web service, and I don’t receive nothing).

Any idea how can I check if the board is really broken (strange), or if can I reinstall all from scratch?


Try another USB port or another computer.

It would also help to know if you’ve deployed code to this in the past, if you’ve had it connected to the PC before, and if you’ve tried booting into loader mode and seeing if that works.

hi, see if there is any help in this guide:

I’d suggest looking at the sections on the device manager and USB.

When I connect USB now the board doesn’t light on at all. I think it was really dead :frowning:


I haven’t any other device to test, however I’ve changed USB port anche cable, still nothing.

As the next step I would try voltmeter and check levels on the output of the voltage regulators.