Panda II Buffer length for StreamReader.ReadLine()


I have a question about the buffer length Panda II uses when executing a code of StreamReader.ReadLine().


Sure, what is your question? :wink:

If you want to search for streamreader here in the forums, you’ll see many people getting out of memory errors, mainly because of being unable to find a contiguous block (4k comes to mind, but I can’t be sure). There’s no way to control the size it allocates, short of jumping into the porting kit, so many people have approached this by “chunking” the data (and documented code examples in threads too). Search here:

William has a fixed version of the method (ReadLineEx) here:

Sorry for my sentence. I want to know the memory size Panda2 allocates for buffer when it execute that code.

I also had a look in the forum for my question because I remember I read one thread about this (about 2 months ago), and someone said it was about 5K. But when I did a research again for that thread, I stucked in a labyrinth :(. So I post this question in order to get an exact value for the allocated memory size.

This looks great and useful. Thanks :slight_smile: