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Panda II board layout


I need to build a PCB that the Panda II will mate to - meaning the PCB will have male pins that mate with the female sockets on the Panda II board. I’m having a hard time locating the correct dimensions on all the headers. Is this posted anywhere? I realize it’s a Arduino standard, but what about the 40 pin extra header?

TL;DR - Mechanical drawing of the Panda II and its headers.


You can get it from Eagle files:


is there any finish PCB design so i can just rebuild it easily?


what, a panda II? yes, those design files are complete.


I made an Eagle library with the Panda mating in two configurations… From the top (upside down) and from the bottom.

Not sure where I can post it for you… Maybe the Wiki?


You could post them to the Eagle library itself. No sense in have the libraries scattered all over the web.