Panda II - 64bit USBizi driver BSOD?

Successfully installed drivers (windows 7 64 bit – had Panda II plugged into USB3.0 capable (backwards-compatible) port (might be related??)), libraries and such, and was able to write and debug programs with Visual Studio 2010.

… BUT, after having switched to other non-Panda II projects, I got a BSOD (I usually run without a pagefile, so I don’t have a dump)

I unplugged the panda, as I wasn’t using it, in hopes that doing so might prevent a BSOD temporarily.

I decided to enable a pagefile to catch a dump in case I BSOD’d again. A few hours later I got the same crash, and it supposedly captured a dump, but I can’t seem to track it down.

After that crash, I uninstalled and deleted drivers for the USBizi, and I DID NOT CRASH for the rest of the night.

This morning, I’m feeling ballsy, so I reinstalled the drivers, and have been saving RELIGIOUSLY in case I BSOD again…

Has anyone else had BSOD’s using the 64-Bit “GHI NETMF USB Drivers”? Or am I just lucky?

Almost every single machine at GHI is 64bit and we do not see this behavior.

Hmmmm… If it happens again, I’ll host the dump file on my apache server and link it in a reply.

Domino, Panda, Panda II, Cobra… all run on all of my Win7 x64 machines, no BSODs. Admittedly, there’s no USB3 ports on anything I own…