Page-based navigation

This is a quick video of page-based navigation written in TinyCLR. This creates a top navigation bar with a home button and context-sensitive forward and back buttons and breadcrumb text, and a bottom status bar. Page navigation occurs in the center. The system maintains a forward and back stack and would feel comfortable to anyone used to iOS, Android, or UWP programming. The API resembles the UWP API.

BTW, I put this in Insiders because it shows the UD700 and in case it shows unreleased TinyCLR functionality.


Is this using the UI library it you are directly drawing to the display?

This is all built with the (so far) unmodified UI library.

This control point will display screens defined in json and displayed by dynamically composing UI library-derived controls.

I do have some fixes and an "Advanced’ textbox and new numeric and alphanumeric on screen keyboards to finish and then I’ll do another demo.


Is this Library accessible ? It seems to give clear view.

nah! @mcalsyn loves teasing :slight_smile:

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@Bauland - depends on which library you mean. If you mean the “unmodified UI library” then yes - all of the controls are rendered using the default TinyCLR UI library. The controls in that lib do look quite nice, but part of reason for that fine appearance is probably the fact that I am using the UD700 display, which is a 7" display with really sharp output.

If you mean the navigation library itself, in spite of @Gus_Issa’s snarky response, yes, I will make that available as a nuget. The only thing that was holding me back is that I want to make it so that you can change the look and feel of the non-client area (the navigation bar and status bar), which are currently hard-coded into the navigation framework. I’ll break those out into separate classes and then publish a page-navigation nuget.

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You’ve got me confused with @Justin there.

“When a man says he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna do it. There’s no need to remind him every six months”

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My wife loves that one!

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