Oxygen stats

[ul]96 MHz 32 bit Cortex M4 (STM32F411CEU6)
NETMF 4.3.1
71 KB Free RAM
1 I2C
5 Analog in
2 UART (1 with power switch)
1 User LED
20.32 x 33.02mm[/ul]


@ Justin - Typo… “MISI1” and “MISI2” should be “MISO1” and “MISO2”, no?

Nice board…have you figured out price yet? Would definitely like to pick up one, possibly more, depending on price.

@ devhammer - lol, whoops - ta

Got a rough idea yes, but my PR man needs to gloss over the BOM first and he’s currently asleep… ::slight_smile:

Any RLP on there?

Also how does this compare to the cerb40?

What are the dimensions?
Can I get it in a in wall (flush-mount) “box”. Diameter 45mm. Depth: not sure now, bat also about 45mm.
If it fits, and the Price is right. I might want 12 pices or more.
Originally I wanted to use MedusaMini, but Arduino is not really my world, and I don’t have enough of them.

If I assume a 0.1" pitch between the pads this board would be about 34mm x 20mm, which meas about 40mm diagonally :clap:

@ MRTFEREN - RLP is a GHI technology so no this board doesn’t have RLP

Oxygen is running a smaller uC than Cerb at a lower clock rate but the uC’s use a lot less power.

@ Reinhard - yes 0.1 headers with castellated pads - 20.32 x 33.02mm

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When is it available for sale :smiley:
Dose it support IFU?

Soon - but if you want to be a Guinea pig then perhaps sooner ::slight_smile:
IFU - Possibly but not yet…

I’d be anything for you :smiley: I really like kiwi :stuck_out_tongue:

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awake now, don’t see a BOM anywhere I was expecting ! :whistle:

What’s the most elegant way to get acces to those 20 gpio?

Golden shekels 8)

Apart from that…what do you mean?

It’s right in front of ya…telling tales…the cheek of it ::slight_smile:

standard 0.1" header pins. Or sockets if you prefer. But pins will let you drop it on a breadboard. But sockets will let you leave it on a table just like it’s own breadboard. Oh decisions !!!

must need another coffee.

I only see one whole to put a wire into with gpio on it…

All other pins can be used as GPIO

@ njbuch - All pins are GPIO as well…

*Edit - snap

Ok thx. But how are with interrupt pin when they are not dedicated?

@ njbuch - In short…

Basically all pins on STM’s are GPIO and interrupt capable.
Most pins have alternative functionality eg PWM, SPI, I2C etc

Is that what you are asking?