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Overview of 4.3 changes - cannot find the doc


Hi again, its messing my brain!

I would really love some guidelines as to porting from 4.2 to 4.3 - I am really wasting too much time here.

I found this one

But needs more.

Any hints?



Digest the above as that’s about it…


I think GHI is preparing a 4.3 documentation set, John posted a link a few days ago in another topic about networking:

Maybe there are more hidden doc’s in this /30/ folder… :whistle:


The release notes also give some info on what was changed, not not always how it was changed.

So far I was able to port all my code using:

  • SD Card
  • USB Mass Storage (not tested in 4.3 so far)
  • Networking (ENC28 mainly) with connect / disconnect handling
  • RLP
  • IFU (not tested in 4.3 so far)

So if you have any problems in these areas, just ask.


The biggest issue is the name changes and trying to find the damn references they are located in. I’ve wasted loads of time loading and unloading to find the damn things.

Android is ace in this respect as it prompts you that an import is missing and if you would like to add it.

It would be great if Visual Studio had a similar kind of tool.



There is: it’s called ReSharper.
It’s worth every cent.
It adds using statements, and also references (at least for the full Windows .NET Framework (not sure for NETMF).
It also does a lot of other stuff and speeds up coding, warns about common coding mistakes, and offers to fix them with a single key press.