Overrun on COM2


I am using Panda I with Wifly (RN-171) and when I don’t use flowcontrol I get RxOver which depends on that I don’t read the serialport fast enough.

But after I enabled flowcontrol (RTS) and connected the hardware pins correct I get Overrun fault instead of RxOver, what does this mean?

Your device still sending data even though you asked it to stop sending through RTS?

I thought the WiFly used a SPI to Serial bridge?

So when the internal uart driver have set RTS level to high and the device is still sends data it will give Overrun error?

Will the data that triggers overrun error be flushed if there is room for it in the buffert?

Data is lost.

okey, am I correct that the overrun fault is trigged by the driver when it says stop to the device but it is still sending data and RxOver comes when the driver buffert is full?