Over 1 Million Webservice calls and still going

The title says it all…

Reliable cheap and cheerful WiFi is now finally available for NETMF and after the latest v1.0 firmware release for the ESP8266 chipset it’s now pretty much bullet proof.

As a cough practical real world test I have created a little Web Farm of NeO-Edge™’s running NETMF sending dummy data to a RESTful API sitting on an IIS Webserver in a Data Centre which intern inserts the data (Node ID, Dummy data and Date) into a SQL Server DB.

Each NeO-Edge™ consists of Oxygen (STM32F411CEU6 running NETMF 4.3.1) and an ESP8266 based Neon. Each node is connecting to my flaky office WiFi router and then sending the dummy data via the RESTful API (Note - the data is sent to a remote InterWeb server and not to a local LAN server). Just for giggles there is also an IoT DX-Edge™ using a Neon in the farm for a bit of random varity…

The extremely ugly and very none optimised code running on each node is sending ~4 calls per second to the Webserver and the nodes have not stopped once in 2 days, which I think all things considered is a pretty impressive feat.

So the release of the new ESP8266 firmware really opens up the possibilities for cheap and reliable NETMF based sensors and other cool dohickeys talking to the Cloud/Nimbus/Azure or insert here your favourite online play ground.

Let the good times roll

Current count: http://netmf.ingenuitymicro.com/default.aspx ;D


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Oh hey I forget, is it xbee socket-able?

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@ MRTFEREN - Nope…XBee’s are sooooo last week :whistle:

Very nice!

Ditto. Showing us this without an option to play with it is, like many of your other hardware posts, is is…

well, the pic says it all.

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Well PR says no anyway.

I guess the QA team and PR team better talk. When they do a press release may or may not be forthcoming.


I think 1,504,046 is a good enough test… ;D

If you want one to play with badger the PR team for a press release as Puter says Yes

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