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OutputPort Object


Here’s a quick question… What reference should I add and also use to make use of the OutputPort Object??? I ask only because for some reason, I can’t get it to recognise the Object




I have found that if I’m not sure what reference to add for a certain method sometimes the .NETMF API reference will provide enough information, sometimes not. If you type the method call in correctly and try to build, you’ll get an error but many times the error will tell you what reference you need to add.

I think for the OutPut port you’ll likely need both Microsoft.Spot.Hardware and Microsoft.Spot.IO


The Microsoft.Spot.Hardware reference.

See this link:

Make sure to check the Microsoft NETMF API Reference ( if you do not know what to add.

If you are unsure about GHI specific items, please make sure to check out the GHI Electronics NETMF Documentation (

As found on the downloads page (