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OutputCompare function gives not always stable result?



I’m want to use the OutputCompare function within my FEZ Domino project to generate a stable (with a releatively high frequency) signal pattern.

code snippet:

static private OutputCompare DataTx433ModulePort;

DataTx433ModulePort = new OutputCompare((Cpu.Pin)newTxOutputPort, !OnState, MAX_TIMINGS_BUFFER_SIZE);

uint[] KaKuTransmitBuffer = new uint[MAX_TIMINGS_BUFFER_SIZE+1];
BufferSizeToTransmit = xxx;
DataTx433ModulePort.Set(OnState, KaKuTransmitBuffer, 0, BufferSizeToTransmit, false);

When I now use an oscilloscoop to analyse the signal, sometimes the timeng is wrong.
KaKuTransmitBuffer filled with 450,900,450,900 should give a pattern of 450 microsec/900 microsec signal but sometimes it takes much longer. Signal form is ok, but timing is off (with factor 1.5 or more).

Anyone an idea what might be wrong ?

I need a timing critical (well, sort of critical :|) signal for controlling the actual device connected to the output port.


For any readers, this was solved here:,3179.msg15857.html#new



any chance you can email this guy and ask him if he can contact me?


I would if I could , don’t have your email ? :wink:



my email is eric dot vdb at gmail dot com

Thanks in advance,