Outdated manuals and stuff

  1. Link under ALFAT2 chip points to the old manual for 1.08 firmware: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/512
  2. C’mon guys, you’re still using [em]microsiemens[/em] instead of [em]microseconds [/em] on pages 19 and 46! Manual version 2.09. It’s a very small glitch that ruins the otherwise very good impression. Those small glitches are always the worst. Fix it or I will bug you until you do that anyway :slight_smile:
  3. ALFAT2 chips are still not on Mouser, can I order ALFAT1 and then reprogram them to ALFAT2, assuming MCU is the same?

@ Simon from Vilnius - 3. - The chipset is the same, you can upgrade or downgrade to any firmware at any time.

@ Simon from Vilnius - all the document and link issues are cleaned-up. Hopefully for the last time :wall:

Sweet 8)

@ Simon from Vilnius - Yes, to your third question.