Our very own @devhammer at ThatConference

Our very @ devhammer is at ThatConference showing off his skills, lets give him a +1 for a job well done.


Broken link

no it’s not, prove it :whistle:

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Way to go @ devhammer :clap:

@ Sprigo - you mean @ devhammer?

@ Devhammer - Nice relaxed talk around the campfire :clap:

Good job Andrew!!! :clap:

Whoops - predictive text strikes again! :-[

And how do we give him a +1? Looks like we can only give you a +1. Is this click bait??? :smiley:

Andrew is the man and one of the very important members of this community. Thanks for putting good words for us.

Oh, yea, good job @ devhammer!

Seth is also one of my favorite speakers of all times. If you’ve never been to any of his machine learning talks, put that on your bucket list. He’s awesome.

Thanks, everybody!

The funny thing is, I sent @ Gary the link, but I haven’t had time to watch it myself, since I’m at work.

Hope I didn’t sound too goofy. :slight_smile:


Now, we can +1 you! ;D

Ha, me too ! +1 for you !

My secret strategy is exposed!

BTW - this is the first of two videos from That Conference. Should be another one coming in the next couple weeks, I think. Just sent an email to see if I can find out when it’ll be online.


Or you can create new thread with the link and we will +1 you more! :smiley: