Oscilloscope for microcontroller work

I’m considering the purchase of an oscilloscope for microcontroller / hobby robotics work. Any recommendations ? What are you using ? What features do I need ? Are the USB scopes worth the money and suitable for this type of work ?


Search the forum. We have discussed this several times and many people suggested some good choices.

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Try to find a good second hand device, otherwise there’s also some affordable DSO such as the ones from Seeed but for these last ones, may be it is more a gadgeet for you needs.

Look for PM339* on ebay…if you are patient you can get one for about $200 (or even less)…when they were new they were $5000…nice device in that it is both analog & digital scope…I have a few of the 4 channel versions

I recently bought the Rigol DS1052E. I’ve been very pleased with it so far.

I got mine for $315 (shipped) from their site. There’s a survey you fill out at the end of the checkout process that gives you an extra $30 off the list price.

However, I would ask myself what do I plan to use this for? I found after getting my scope that I still needed a logic analyzer to do a lot of things and ended up purchasing one weeks later. If what you really want to do is study I2C, SPI, etc. signals then spend $50 on a Logic Sniffer instead.

When buying an osilloscope buy the best you can afford. Its a tool that once you start using, you will wonder how you ever did anything without one. Its called oscilloscope dependency

Strange that wikipedia has no entry for “oscilloscope dependency” :slight_smile:

No, but if you have it they do have this… :slight_smile:

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