Order of JSON output

Is there a way to make the output of serialized JSON match the order of the items in the class?

I looked around in the JSON library already and I think this is because of the usage of a hashtable, which doesnt store the order you put in items but stores them in hashed order.
I can’t really oversee if it would be possible to use something else than a hashtable?

The reason I’m asking is because we use the JSON library for our settings system and some settings classes are very big and it’s very hard and inconvenient to browse the settings when they are this much out of order.

For example:
This settings class

public class SettingsFile : SettingsBase
        public override string FileName { get; set; } = "settings.json";

        public int ModuleId = 1;
        public int CanOutBaudrate = 250_000;

        public int Baudrate1 = 4800;
        public int Baudrate2 = 4800;
        public int Baudrate3 = 4800;
        public int Baudrate4 = 4800;

        public bool UseAnalogRotForTransversal = false;
        public string AnalogRotId = "0x16E40001";

        public bool DoFuelRate = false;
        public int SbMainEngineId = 1;
        public int PsMainEngineId = 2;
        public int SbGenEngineId = 3;
        public int PsGenEngineId = 4;
        public int BowGenEngineId = 5;

        public int LedTimeOut = 1000;

        public int YOffset = 0;
        public int XBowOffset = 0;
        public int XRearOffset = 0;
        public int XOffset = 0;


Gets serialized into:

    "ModuleId": 10,
    "Baudrate1": 115200,
    "PsMainEngineId": 2,
    "SbMainEngineId": 1,
    "PsGenEngineId": 4,
    "Password": "40TA96/?",
    "DNS": "",
    "CanOutBaudrate": 250000,
    "Gateway": "",
    "DoFuelRate": false,
    "FileName": "settings.json",
    "UseAnalogRotForTransversal": true,
    "XRearOffset": 0,
    "UpdateMode": false,
    "CommandSocketPort": 5050,
    "BowGenEngineId": 5,
    "Baudrate2": 4800,
    "LedTimeOut": 1000,
    "Baudrate4": 4800,
    "YOffset": 0,
    "SbGenEngineId": 3,
    "IP": "",
    "XOffset": 0,
    "AnalogRotId": "0x16E4000A",
    "SubnetMask": "",
    "XBowOffset": 0,
    "EnableWatchdog": false,
    "Baudrate3": 4800

Open an issue in github, please. I can make this change, but I will need to do it in late June or early July because all of my GHI boards are all on in a container on a boat somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, slowly chugging my way. If there are any other requests, get them into github please as it’s easier to do a bunch all at once while I have the hood up.

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Thank you!

Which github should I use? Just the ghi libraries one or a different one?

The GHI libraries one, please.

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