Options for adding Ethernet port to G120 and TinyCLR 1.0?

As my design is already done with the G120 and working with RS485 and RS232 my client has just asked for Ethernet as an option.

If I restring the board, what hardware options do I have with 1.0 for this? I here 2.0 will have this but I need to get this done a tested within 1 month. Reading the release notes, 1.0 does not yet have any networking low level drivers. Shame as I have used the ENC28J60 with success in the past.

You can use wiznet chipsets with built in TCP or use mip C# networking stack with enc28.

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I am getting block with both Firefox and Chrome for this website.


If I allow it to continue, the zip file is marked as dangerous and not downloaded.

Edge allows me to open it and download and anti-virus doesn’t kick in and there are no executable in the zip.

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the mIP code is in the archive - the archive is an archive of the whole codeplex site including discussion… And since mIP was managed code, there’s no executable needed. Look in mip.zip\sourceCode\mip for a start.

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I would propably do this on plc side… But i think what youre looking for are what used To be “bico connections” in micromasters