does anybody try to use this Open Therm gateway with the .NET Microframework?

Should be very nice to create a managed class to set the “set point” for the home heater!!! and manage it by internet!! i’m sick about GSM card to remote control the heater!!!


@ AlbeNET - Dont know about that, but it seems to be very specific to Honeywell…

@ LouisCpro - No no! Many manufacturers uses that protocol!

Right, seen on wikipedia ! Apologize… :frowning:

I know it’s not NETMF, but I went with a Radio Thermostat ($99 Home Depot version), and I love it. It’s for “normal” residential systems, communicates over WiFi, and the big plus, while it can be managed over the internet, it can also be managed locally, and requires/uses no subscription services.

A residential thermostat though would be a fun project. It’s not much more than a temperature sensor, a 24VAC power supply, and a few small-signal relays.

Ehy do you mean ?

Is it a OpenTherm one?

Look at this: Controlling the central heating system this is a OpenTherm gateway that you can put in the middle from the HVAC and the ChronoThermostat.

Nope, just a normal residential thermostat but with a useful WiFi interface.

it depend what yoù mean with normal…

Here in the US, “normal” means either a heat pump or gas-fired heater, and possibly an electric AC unit. The thermostat is a simple controller that makes or breaks 24VAC connections in certain ways to call for heat, cold, and/or the fan.

In europe more or less the same. but a bunch of constructor of HVAC systems (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning - Wikipedia) AND small home gas heater start to use a common approach to control their heater.

The comunication protocol is called “OpenTherm”… so basically the two wire connection from teh thermostat to the heater is not just an “on/off” control to open and close the heater but it is more complex…