Open Workbench Logic Sniffer?

Hello !

Has anyone tryed this logic analyser ? It is not expensive and seems to be able to capture up to 100Mhz on 16 channels, or 50Mhz on 32 (needs an extra buffer card).

It is for use with the opensource Sump analyser. FPGA Based Logic Analyzer

Thank you in advance !

This looks pretty good for the price, hard to beat $50.

We are currently using this :

The Open Workbench Logic Sniffer looks much more capable, I’ll let you know if we get one to try out.

I just ordered one, for 50$ it’s not a big risk.

I like the tools included (I2C, SPI, UART, JTAG… analysers). If it works :wink:

Some good information here :

I’ve been using one for a month or so now. So far I’ve only been debugging UART with it. I need to do some SPI debugging in the near future. Support is quite active, but there are some areas that are still work in progress. For example, run length encoding works great, but Jawi’s SUMP client has UART analysis that doesn’t work with RLE. So can be tricky finding the right non-RLE settings to capture UART and analyse it properly. Plus I have cheap probes, so there can be crosstalk. Overall though, for it’s price and features, it’s spot on.

IDE bus sniffing with this device, interesting.

I have been using it and a bus pirate. for more then a year now. The are what they say. Would recommend it to anyone.

I have bus pirate as well - love it. Got Bus Blaster on its way as well.