OnScreenKeyboard seems to scale incorrectly

I am using the OnScreenKeyboard (TinyCLR v2.0-preview2) on a UX700 but the on-screen keyboard seems to scale incorrectly. As you can see below, it is badly pixelated and a bit vertically stretched and touches are not detected on the correct key. Touches generally trigger the key from the row above.

I set the OnScreenKeyboard.Font to be a 36pt Arial. Smaller fonts shrink the input box more and the scaling and hit detection problem gets worse. I imagine that I could make things line up if I used a larger font for OnScreenKeyboard.Font, but it would have to be comically large (at least double what I am using below). That will restrict the horizontal character count, and trying to guess the right size to make the scaling work is going to take a few tries.

Am I supposed to use a specific size font to make the input field grow to a size that makes the scaling work? Am I doing something else wrong here?

I think it would be better if the keyboard guaranteed the right aspect ratio for the keyboard, and just fills the extra space above with whitespace. If this is just a code problem in OnScreenKeyboard, I can take a whack at trying to fix it.

I didn’t file a GitHub issue yet because it’s not clear to me whether I am doing something wrong here.

@Greg_Norris this reminds me that we were supposed to update the graphics. This was taken from glide.

I also do not like how small the text is compared to the buttons size.