OneWire TinyClr question

It may sound like a newbie question but it is.
How do you read one wire device like the DS18B20 with TinyCLR ?

Any tip will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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We dropped support for OneWire. Are these devices still in use? I know they were popular 10 years ago but we do not hear much about one wire anymore.

I don’t know if there are still many onewire device but the DS18B20 is still there for sure. I did use them long time ago (probably 15 -20 years ago). I bought one on internet and was willing to give it a try…

As an experiment or for commercial use?

Just want to control a big fridge temperature. You can get a sealed sensor at a very low price (plan tomorrow use my ´old’ Tinyclr 1.0 Fez… :slight_smile:

I have seen those devices. They are nice.
There is no built in support but the library is available from maxim and you can add it as a native extension. Not very easy but who doesn’t like a challenge?! :grin:

I will check… !!

Added onewire


AWESOME! Now where is the firmware? :wink:

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Wow that’s fast. Great news. As a separate library ?

Not sure what you mean but everything is a separate nuget on TinyCLR.

yes, thats what I mean …