Onewire on Hydra?


I search for connect DS18B20 (Temperature sensor in Onewire) for an hydra board.

I don’t find the Onewire class that i found in GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware for panda board.

Where is it for Hydra board ?

This will be added in near future when we switch to 4.2. No dated is set yet.

Welcome to the community.

Thanks for the fast answer, it’s not the answer that i looking for :frowning:

I see, i have three choices ???

  • i use a panda board
  • i code a software driver
  • i create a module with an i2c bust master like ds2483

Think you have another solution ?

And according you to, what is the option that would be the most suitable ?


I see the code on wiki page and there is a problem at the line 55 of ds18b20.cs file

public OneWire DataPin
     get { return _DataPin ?? (_DataPin = new OneWire((Cpu.Pin) FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di8)); }

The OneWire class doesn’t exist for hydra board (or i not found her)

Ah my bad - apologies

I forgot that you are using a Hydra.


When you say near future, when would you think roughly?



Near future = we do not have a date yet, but maybe couple months

Ill be waiting :slight_smile:

Is OneWire working yet? I’m wanting to order the same temperature sensor.

All is working :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks.