OneWire Interface

One of the key features listed for the Spider is a OneWire Interface. I’ve looked in all the usual places for documentation with no luck. Where can I find the API info?

You will use it direct. No gadgeteer

Thanks Gus. Another question answered in mere seconds :slight_smile:

[edit] A little birdie just reminded me it’s been added to the core libs in 4.2.

Module Makers - If you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a “onewire extender” module prototyped, thanks in large part to godefroi. The aim is to have the driver scan the entire bus and give you back an array of OneWire objects of various types. I’m starting with DS18B20s, as that seems to be the most popular (and what I have). It will be open source, so we (anybody) can add other devices as needed.