One week is left, ready for $500 coupon?

We have one week left for the $500 contest and the projects are looking great. It is going to be difficult trying to decide who is the winner.

I have looked at projects and they are missing few things so here are some notes

  1. make sure you have picture(s) of your project
  2. the pictures should show in the page (no links to pictures)
  3. the project code must be commented and clean
  4. the code must be in a zip file on the wiki, not on an external website, unless you are using source control like google code.
  5. a video on your project page can really help showing off your project better
  6. categorize your project so people can find it in future.

Basically, take a look at the projects we created and try to follow the same layout. See this for example
(link removed)
and this
(link removed)

Finally, I am trying to convince the guys of giving “experience points” to all contributors and extra points to 2nd and 3rd places so even if you didn’t wit, we still get you something for your contribution.
Experience points can be very beneficial, see this

I made a bunch of changes to my code and re uploaded a complete source package including all of the SQL files for the web UI. Even if I don’t win, it’ll still make a neat page…

EDIT: My source is on my website. I’ll move that over to the TinyCLR wiki sometime soon…

Still have a lot to do… I hope I make more progress…

Take your time… (at least 2 weeks) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still waiting the the quad copter guy to post code… That’s going to be a neat project, but I have a feeling he’s going to need another board to control the actually flight.

Me too, lot of sensoring and controlling has to be done there.

I have a feeling it might be a situation where maybe an ATmega is controlling the flight and a Domino is directing the Arduino. I can’t think of any other good way to do it, other than use a different chip.

There is already an autopilot project for the Arduino, so this kind of setup would be pretty easy to implement.

Might be, let’s just wait. We’ll see :wink:

Well I’d like to first say hello :slight_smile: I’m a hobby C# developer and being able to develop for embedded systems has always been a dream of mine. The beginners ebook was very helpful.

Now, I’d like to enter the $500 coupon contest with this article. I know I will most probably not win, but it was a very good learning experience and I enjoyed it, even though I haven’t run it on a Domino yet.
(link removed)

PS. I’m waiting on to return to me when they have FEZ Domino in stock.

Cool. We have a new contestant in the last week…very exciting and welcome to the FEZ community :smiley:

Wow so quick for me real life has been killer. I need to finish something huh :>

You tell me… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just have to upload some new photos and maybe tweak my code and I’m done…:stuck_out_tongue:

I hope my joystick will FINALLY arrive today… cost me even more time “waiting” for it… pffffffffffff :frowning:

After the camera’s batteries dieing half way through a short video last evening I decided to call it a night. I got it shot this morning and it is uploading now…

I just got my photos taken last night. I still have to upload them…

hoi all,

I hoped that i would be ready with my remote driver but the time is to short to get it working.
Maybe next time.

good luck who is winning.


Sorry to hear, niels, not sure if I can make it too. We’ll see :wink:

Just found out why I could not upload my source to the wiki … winrar automatically makes it .rar format, which is not accepted by the wiki. :stuck_out_tongue: I have corrected this.

Anyway. I was wondering… How’s the voting? :wink:

My first project files were uploaded in .rar format. You can force it, it only says that it’s not secure or something similar (can’t remember exactly).