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ON/OFF Switch for Panda II


hi guys (and girls)

can i add an on/off switch for the panda II to my circuit? how? any ideas?


This may not be very helpful, but just solder a switch into your power supply. If you’re looking to save on power consumption, do some homework on using hibernation.


You can add the switch on the power cable easy


I just want to be able to turn on/off my device…

I’m newbie on learning so…where i can find some schematics on how to do it?


Get a switch and look at the contacts: (example given)

Add the red wire of your power supply (V+) to one pin of the switch.
Next, add another wire (on of your own) to the other pin of the switch.

Now, get someting like this:

And add the piece of your own wire to the inner core (+) and the black wire (-) to the outer core.
Plug it into panda and done :slight_smile:



Website is acting strange, double post, sorry.


great thanks