On-Device Unit Testing

Have any of you come up with nifty solutions for supporting on-device unit testing?

Are there any iterative deploy + test + verify suites out there?

And beyond just comms and internet stuff, do any of you use hardware test rigs during unit testing of NETMF code?

I’m interested in any best-practices you may have developed and care to share.

@ mcalsyn - Have you had a look at the netmf 4.4 github they have tests in there, I don’t know if they will fit with your scenario but maybe you can pick up a few ideas, how to’s …

Good find! But those look like mostly JTAG-based tests of NETMF internals. I was looking for something that maybe deployed a test and watched the debug text for expected output (and no exceptions, etc), and then moved on to another test, and so on. Bonus points if it can drive a hardware test rig and watch both hardware and output streams for expected output.

Most of my tests now are not hardware-centric - mostly web and comms based stuff, so I just want to run a test and know that I got the expected output back. That’s a bit simpler case than the native driver code that the 4.4 code is testing, but as I said, good catch there as it makes for interesting reading.