Olympics Blinkies

It was awesome during the opening ceremony !
But this is something else!!!


Sorry no link :frowning: watching it live …

Ah gotcha. I missed the opening. Closing will show tonight here I suppose…

in the absence of a link here is a hastily shot iPad pic off my Tv (sorry for the blur)
Who ever came up with the idea for the audience pixels was a bloody genius!

It’s probably live in the US now too…

Probably. Not about to give up daylight for TV right now, though. Time to go back to the shop… :slight_smile:

@ HughB - Guess who I went to see live tonight

@ HughB - I caught the closing ceremonies tonight. The blinkies were indeed very cool. I can’t image the control system that keeps that many lights coordinated over such a large area.

I can’t quite see from the pic, it could be the Jam ( Paul Weller) which if it was would be awesome. I as him live once where he just turned up with a band to hang out and gig with them. No one knew he was going to be there :slight_smile:
Looks like a good night out though :slight_smile:

Another 4 years to wait. I wonder ho well Brazil is going to do?

@ HughB - BTW, from what I can from here London did a great job with the Olympics. You should be proud.

@ Ianlee74 thanks man :slight_smile:
London 2012 has been a major achivement. The whole country as a whole has got behind the games. I dont think i have ever seen so much patriotism here. I only hope that now its all over it doesnt slide away. Economically things are tough but i think this has given us brits a little more resolve to see that the future is bright but we will have to work at it.
I have to admit to being very proud of the technology that was used both in the broadcast coverage and the ceremonies. As a nation of garage inventors it just goes to show what can be achieved and will hopefully inspire more people to get involved. Maybe we will see more hackerspaces opening up and even a makerfair return to the UK.

@ HughB - no local Maker Faire? That’s a shame, particularly in a big city like London. As someone who has been heavily involved in starting up our local mini MF, I have a bit of recently gained wisdom to share - don’t wait for someone else to get it going. You, yes you, could be the next local hero of the UK Maker Movement :slight_smile:

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There was a Makeer fair a few years ago in Newcastle which was a great success but the guys at Make decided against doing it again (till further notice).
If i can get the time i wil look into doing it.

“Put some sugar on me”

I’m guessing it’s not this:


But Seb’s system is quite impressive. He did a talk at a local JS user group here in Northern VA, and did a small-scale demo for the group. Very cool stuff.

The beauty of his approach is that it can work with any device with a browser that supports Web Sockets, so there’s no worry at all about how to power each “pixel”. As long as there’s sufficient network bandwidth, it could probably scale up pretty well. One thing that would likely limit it is the technique used to identify the position of each “pixel”, which requires the device to be visible to a webcam on the computer coordinating all the devices.

That’s a very cool idea. Is it dependent on knowing where everyone is located in advance or has he somehow figured out their location in relation to everyone else and dynamically sends them the color needed to compose the image?

The software figures out the relative position of each device by flashing a color-encoded pattern on the screen of each device during initialization. The computer running the software uses a webcam to read the pattern and uniquely identify each device and its position relative to the others. As noted above, this probably would not scale to thousands of devices, but a lot would probably depend on the resolution of the camera used, and the size of the device screens. According to his blog post, he’s successfully scaled the system to several hundred devices (as of last fall).

That’s just brilliant. Another one of those ideas that’s so simple I have to smack myself for not thinking of it first :slight_smile: