OLED Module 2864

Hello, I recently purchased an OLED 2864 module that was listed as being Gadgeteer compatible.
However, I am unable to work out how to use this. There seems to be no suitable module to select from the list of modules in Visual Studio from the GHI SDK. I am using a FEZ Cobra II mainboard.
Is there another SDK I need to install to give me this module?
Or has this been advertised as Gadgeteer compatible just because it has the right socket and supports I2C but I am on my own writing code to drive it?

I am new to Gadgeteer so when the modules aren’t in the list I am a bit stuck as to what to do.

Thank you

Give us the link to the module - I doubt the vendor has a driver for it - but there are some drivers around for most things !

I bet it’s a DFRobot one; http://gadgeteerdfrobot.codeplex.com/ has a lot of drivers but not the OLED. @ DukeNukem, did you have one of these displays?

Yes its DFRobot and still sold by lots of vendors such as:






This is the driver that’s used on that module, I believe. You should be able to use that code to drive your display (it’s not going to be Gadgeteer easy though)

Great thank you.

Thanks Brett. Your link provided some source code and even an installer.
However, installing this would not work as an error indicated that it needed SDK4.1 to work and I am using 4.3
I have tried to convert the source to 4.3 but this is beyond my knowledge.
Does anyone have anything that I could use in 4.3 to just get simple text onto this display module?

Thanks everyone

@ mantracourt - I’ll try to update the installer in next couple of days. Meanwhile you can just rebuild the source code yourself and include the driver project in your solution.

Isn’t the DFRobot OLED 2864 module an I2C interface?

I don’t know. If it is socket I, then it is I2C. It can also be an I2C module that uses software I2C on Y socket.

After investigating further it does seem that the DFRobot module is I2C and connects to the I socket.
It looks like the source code I have is for SPI.
Will have a go at driving it by using I2C assuming all the rest of the code works with this module. I will have to wait till next week to get time to do this so still a chance someone reads this who has already done this.

Thanks everyone

hello matracourt,
Did you get something working? or some information perhaps?

Unfortunately no. The seller was no help nor was the manufacturer.

Thanks for your help though.