OLED help with other boards: same as BrainPad OLED

I know this is not exactly about BrainPad but it is about the OLED on the BP. I have the same 4 pin OLED as a component and want to use it with Adafruit Circuit Playground express or Trinket M0 to display moisture reading from a 3 pin moisture sensor but I can find no one who shows wiring for the OLED to either of those boards; have looked over YouTube and Adafruit sites. We have used MakeCode and the sensor does work with Micro:Bit. But there is no output to OLED wiring just on-board display. Can anyone suggest what pins to use: CPX (or Trinket M0) to OLED ? Thanks

The display uses I2C bus. Wherever those pins are is where you would connect them.

If you had a FEZ with visual studio installed then I can tell you exactly what to do. With other boards, you need to ask whoever made them.

I’ll try to solve the same problem (question) from a different angle. I have the same OLED display as a component as the one on the BrainPad. How can I write the code in MakeCode to output the butterfly image on BrainPad’s display but onto the remote OLED? Is my code here a correct beginning or what do I need to change? Also, is wiring just simple Gnd-Gnd, 3.3V-Vcc, SCL-SCL and SDA-SDA ? Thanks https://makecode.com/_Tmg6a795Fegv

Simply connect your display to the I2C pins on BrainPad