Oled from DFRobot module


I’ve buy an oled 128x64 module from DFRobot, and as there is no gadgeteer module, I’ve try to build one (with help of some code on the net).
I have few questions:
[ol]module is I2C one and have 2 I sockets. In xml module I use SocketProvider section which ask for a constructor, I try I2C and seems to work, but if I write something else it works to, I don’t really know, and don’t found documentation for it[/ol]
[ol]In codeshare, must I post source code or can I post msi file for module (or both ?)[/ol]

@ bauland - I have a driver for the module (oled2864) that I was going to put on codeshare after I’m tidied up the code.

Good news. I can compare both to improve mine and yours !

@ Sprigo, @ bauland - did you ever get the driver worked out? Are you going to share it?



The Seeed Module is very similar to the DFRobot one and only needs a small change in the constructor from memory.


Thanks! I will give it a shot when I get the displays