Oled 36fps

I’m updating the OLED code to work using my TinyBitmap class (basically a straight 2bpp array) instead of Bitmap for use w/ Cerb40 and other devices. On the Hydra the standard driver can write just under 2 frames per second. (1 frame = ~0.53879sec).

My version which flushes the straight array clocks in at ~36 frames per second. (1 frame = ~0.029172sec).

I’ll make then entire thing available once it is complete.

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Are you using RLP?

Nope, that’s all managed code.

I will look at RLP eventually but at the moment, it’s not needed for this project if it can churn out frames like that.

Very good performance increase.

Nice :slight_smile:

Skewworks, you’re awesome.

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Just wait til I add methods for the built-in vertical and horizontal scrolling. :wink:

Basically redoing Spiral for it.

Simply using the array boosts the speed up so I’ll put in open source methods for that, scrolling and color inversion.