Oldest Working Weller Soldering Tool contest

Some of you probably have an old one


Brings back some fun memories!

I have one of those early Weller soldering stations circa 1978.

I just used it the other day to solder together my FEZ Tinkerer kit ;D

Here’s a copy of the picture and email I sent in for the contest.

This is a picture of old meets new… an old Weller W-TCP-L soldering station and a very new GHI FEZ Tinkerer kit that I just finished assembling with the aid of the Weller iron.

I received this soldering iron in 1978 from Hughes Aircraft Company, Space and Communications Division, in El Segundo California. I was fresh out of college, and this was my first engineering job. The company was replacing this model with a newer adjustable temperature version, and decided to offer them to employees.

Besides being a great soldering iron, it has lots of sentimental value to me.

Good luck with the contest!

And a nice old panavise, to boot! Surely you’re a contender.