Old wikis about creating self-sign certificate

I want to run https web server on Raptor mainboard. I have exactly the same problem of other members as it is discussed in:
It is noticed in above thread that the error made by https request is due to wrong pem certificate. So they made a tutorial about how to make a self-sign certificate step by step under:

But the link is not valid anymore…
Where can I find that tutorial? Is it available?
If no… Can anybody help me how to make a correct pem cert?

Ok guys…
After a week I found the solution. here, I write how I did on it windows step by step:
Step 1) Make a pfx certificate. (I made it using IIS- create self sign certificate and saved it in Personal Store

Step 2) open mmc (run => mmc) then find your pfx cert :file => add/remove snip in => choose certificates from left pan => add => choose computer acount => next => choose local machine => from personal folder choose Certificates

Step 3) export mmc: right click on your cert => all tasks => export => choose yes export the private key => in security tab choose a password and confirm it => select a file path => finish

Step 4) convert pfx to pem : on the emulator you can use pfx format (binary) but on Raptor you can only use base64 format (pem). So I used OpenSSL to make a pem cert (containing private key) from the pfx cert.To do this I installed OpenSSL for windows and then I used following command (use -nodes key to remove passPhrase from your pem cert):

openssl pkcs12 -in KNTest.pfx -out KNTest.pem -nodes

Enter the password which you entered in previous step… and now your pem cert is ready. just add it in resource of your project

Step 5)Make sure you have updated the ssl seed using Fez config or MFdeploy
Now It works for me :slight_smile: