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Old web site


Some of links of old web site are malformated when you click on link of old page: instead of


On what page?


On page in Overview section N18 Display link


It works for me.


It works when you got to but if, in that page, you click on link “N18 Display” in Overview section. The link is broken.


We will see what we can do but honestly we do not have time to fix the old website. We rather put all respected on the new things.


And I prefer this too … :wink: It was in case you would keep old site running.


so its ok for you if the product links from your distributors like for example mouser are not working ?

Rewritten or Redirected Url: /

it looks like you dont want to sell your products


We are working with distributors on updating their websites. The old website may completely disappear by the end of 2018.


I would like to kindly ask you to keep running the old GHI website as long as possible(ideally in parallel with new GHI website) because there are tons of information about NETMF stuff and mainly about GHI modules.
All of us need to maintain our old projects(mainly commercial ones) time to time so we will still need some source of information and your old website was really good source.
Is there a big technical problem to keep running the old GHI website?


We are moving everything to the new and the old website is and will be available for over a year.

If there is anything anyone would need and it is not on the new docs then we need to know about it and add it. Community can also contribute to the new docs. It is all in GitHub.

So, did we miss anything else?