Old Graphics LCD's 128x64

Digging around in my parts bin, looking for exactly this (very lightly used, ie never) LCD, and guess what I found - the LCD ! Guess what I didn’t find? Pinout map. :wall:

If I remember correctly this was a VERY early Fez display. It is NOT the UEXT header module that had the 2xrows of pins to plug straight into the UEXT header. This one has a 8-pin single row header. Does anyone have any old records of this display ? I am expecting there’s not too many of them around the joint, so I might be scratching my head for a while trying to reverse engineer the connections, let alone the driver behaviour (although there are some code examples around so that might help). I’ve tracked down GND and BL+ so far (w00t !) but that wasn’t hard :s

If I guess the rest of the pins, there’ll be 3v3 or 5v (good question which) plus “Select”, “Reset”, “Command”, and SPI (MOSI/SCK, notice no MISO otherwise I can see the need for 9 pins).

Any thoughts/data/anyone else “retro” enough to have one handy and have kept the doco ?