Old Gadgets

Whilst trying to find my soldering Iron (ANTEX GASCAT 120) then the solder, then the gas refill canister (You can tell I’m organised :wink: )

I came across this:

I am amazed how this compares with my current phone, (Nokia Lumia 800)

Brings back lots of good gadget memories but sadly, the software to connect to it only works on 32 bit O/S’s which I no longer have.


I’ve started getting better about getting rid of old gadgets. I think one of the older gadgets I had for a while was a Philips VELO1:


While it does prompt a certain nostalgia, it was really a pretty terrible device. Cool, for the fact that it could do a lot for its size and portability, but let’s just say that portable computing has gotten a lot better since then. :slight_smile:

I have an old Dell Axim PDA that I tried to breakdown into usable parts with no luck. I would have been happy just repurposing the display, but it was not to be. The only usable thing I’ve ever been able to get out of stuff like this is the battery. Maybe someday electronics will be built to last more than a few years!

Here in Belgium, they are talking about getting an ‘expiration date’ on electrical devices.

I’ve still got my first cell phone (a BIG flip phone) and several of the incarnations of smarphones I’ve had since then. The evolution of cell phones is an interesting display to have in my office. I sold a few of my phones to ease the upgrade costs back in the early days. I really regret that now. One I regret the most was letting go of my Motorola “Vader” phone. It was the smallest phone I’ve ever owned and had some really great features that even my Android phone doesn’t easily reproduce today.