Ok, who thought this was a good idea? Seeed nose LED kit

From a recent SeeedStudio mailing

Wrong on so many levels, not to mention downright dangerous. Try explaining this one in the hospital ER.


so I shouldn’t admit to having one on order ? It was 5% off, how to resist a bargain??!!

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Keep children away to prevent them from accidentally swallowing tiny batteries.
Breathe softly when the Nose Kit is inside your nose. Otherwise it might get stuck in your nostril.
Don't use it among crowds to avoid unexpected injuries.

To secure the Nose Kit, double-faced adhesive tape is recommended.
To remove the Nose Kit, tweezers is recommended.[/quote]

So you first shove double sided tape up your nose, then some electronics with a battery?

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Either way, you’re one hiccup away from disaster.


It would have made sense if it was a nose ring. Then it would be cool at raves and the like.

Coming soon…retinal backlight kit that allows you to see in the dark!

Or a nose clip that allows you to detect magnetic north by smell.