Official Pi LCD

I took the chance and ordered the official RPi LCD from Element14 and low and behold, it works with the latest Windows 10.

It is nice and bright and touch works well.

Now all I need to do is dig out the GHI Fez Cream I bought a bit back and start writing code.


@ Dave McLaughlin - Got the same LCD, but always got a rotated display so I have to do 180 …

… and than I found out about the remote client for iot, it works even from my nokia 630 …

I think there is a setting in the config you can use to rotate it 180 but for now, it works for me with the LCD ribbon at the bottom.

You would have to rotate it if you use the plastic housing they offer as this has the ribbon at the top.

@ Dave McLaughlin - thanks, it is just that the update doesn’t work for 14322. So I needed to flash the 14328 and redo the settings/config again, including the rotation.


In the config.txt, add lcd_rotate=2 (2=180 degrees), don’t use the display_rotate=2 this will not rotate the touch.