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Octopus grows some Eyes


Absolutely pointless, but it amused me no end :smiley:


Brilliant, a hovering disco light that stays above the dancer :wink:


Slick, its coming together. Those are your new LED modules aren’t they, going to need some of those for flight clearance lights when I start buzzing my neighbors at 3 AM :slight_smile:


As i said, you cant have enough LED’s :whistle:


@ Duke Nukem - Yup, RGB Pixels…


Is the IMU feeding the LEDs? So if the tilt is > then light 'em up?


@ mhectorgato - no, it’s just blinking lights in this vid…


–insert compulsory Cyberdyne Systems comment here–


@ justin - if you have any free pins, some LEDs on the bottom of the mainboard would be a nice touch.


@ ianlee74 - Lots of free pins and sockets :wink:


Am I addicted to LEDs or what :slight_smile: