Obtaining a USB Vendor and Product ID for G400-D SoM


Just wanted to confirm that Atmel nor GHI Electronics provide a USB Product ID for small production runs of USB client devices.
I have check the SAM9x35 data sheet they mention obtain a Vendor ID from USB.ORG but that is quite expensive. The data sheet mentions a CDC device will use the Atmel Vendor ID 0x03EB and a Product ID of 0x6124. So this does not help me as I want a custom vendor class device.

Checked an Atmel application note and the sample code is all documented that a USB Vendor and Product ID are required.

I check the Manual for the G400-D and there is no mention of USB Vendor IDs.

I was hoping for a service similar to Microchip’s where they will assign you a Product ID (from their pool of numbers) for less then 10,000 units and you use their hardware device.

Any ones experience in a solution to this other then purchase a Vendor ID would appreciated.


You may want to check out the following and see if it makes sense for you. I don’t have any personal experience with them.

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@ ianlee74 - Thanks for that link, my project will ultimately be for commercial purposes however.


I suppose the USB-IF does not allow resale of PID/VID.

You have to use either the Atmel or GHI one short of spending the $$$$ to get your own.

Maybe this can be of any help in case one is using ST MCUs.


That is for ST chips only and is something that the USB-IF is in agreement with.


Looks like I should check with a local Atmel representative if they offer a service like Microchip, and ST Microelectronics.

Thanks to all, will post back here what I find out.


I did hear back from the Atmel Business Development Manager Northeast region.

For Vendor Specific Protocol the end user would be required to purchase an Vendor ID from usb.org.

Hope this saves someone else some time and effort.